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Area Secretary Chris Sant 01423 562360

Meetings are held at the Spinning Wheel ,Admiral St, Leeds LS11 5NG

For information contact Chris Sant 01423 562360




Trans - Pennine 2019

Harrogate Council have agreed to allow the 2019 Trans - Pennine run to use the Stray for the 2019 event!






  Held at The Spinning Wheel, Admiral Street, Dewsbury Road, Leeds, LS11 5NG.  
      Guests welcome, large  car park and refreshments at club prices.
              For further information contact Chris Sant, 01423 562360.

JANUARY  16th.    Peter Seaword, The H - S  transport collection, plus Fodens.

FEBRUARY  20th.    Richard Dobson, showmans living wagon restorations.

MARCH 20th.   John Murphy, working lorries in the sixties and seventies.   

APRIL 17th.   Alan Dean,  Joe Dean Haulage, plus scenes from early rallies.  

MAY 15th.   Outside visit to Sheffield Transport Museum. Unit 9, Waddington Way, Rotherham S65 3SH. Meet there 7.00. For further information contact Chris Sant 01423 562360 or Terry Ellin 01909 563069.

JUNE 18th.  (Tuesday). Bring your vehicle evening, in conjunction with York Historic Vehicle Group at Squires Cafe, on the B1222 at Newthorpe, near Sherburn In Elmet,  West Yorkshire. LS25 5LX. ( just off junction 42 on the A1M )
 All vehicles welcome,  For information contact Chris Sant, 01423 562360, or Peter Wray, (York Historic Vehicle Group), 01904 704610.
JUNE 19th. No meeting (see above).

JULY 13th. (Saturday) Bring your vehicle afternoon at Squires Cafe in conjunction with York Historic Vehicle Group.  Details as above.

JULY 17th.    No meeting, (summer break).

AUGUST 4th. (Sunday) Trans - Pennine Run. For further information contact Derek Zientek. 01132 579770.

AUGUST 21st.  No meeting, (summer break).

SEPTEMBER 18th.  DVD of the 2019 Trans-Pennine Run, filmed by David Joy.

OCTOBER 6th (Sunday) Bring your vehicle day at The Docklands Diner at Goole, organised by Graham Reed of Reed Transport.  The cafe will be open until late afternoon, there is plenty of room, and no limit on attendance.  
For further information contact Graham Reed 07841421169, or Chris Sant, 01423 562360.

OCTOBER 16th. Peter Seaward.

NOVEMBER 20th. AGM followed by Maurice Craven all things vintage.

DECEMBER 17th (Tuesday). Christmas pie and pea supper and quiz night jointly with Leeds and District  Traction Engine Club.
DECEMBER 18th.  No meeting ( see above ).


The merry month of May here in Yorkshire heralds that lovely time of the year when the snow melts, the winds drop and the rain is just that little bit warmer.
An ideal time for the HCVS Yorkshire Area to embark on our annual "outside visit", meaning that we forsake our winter meeting place on Leeds's Dewsbury Road and head out into the country for an evening of old machinery and fresh air.

Usually, our outside visit evening is the signal for winter to have one last try, but this year it was clear skies and sunshine, rather ironic really, as it was in fact an "inside visit" to the South Yorkshire Transport Museum in Rotherham, still it was a pleasant drive down the A1 in the sunshine.
I have been to the SYTM before - I thought it was about five years since Peter Seaword took us there on a coach trip, but Peter informs me it is more like ten years!  Time flies.

The SYTM is a wonderful place, not one of these museums where nothing ever starts up or moves, but a collection of assorted vehicles most of which venture out onto the roads during the summer months, those which don't can be excused as they are undergoing large scale restorations and rebuilds but once finished  will be seen on the roads again, one double-decker bus was due to be seen on the roads the following day, as the owner was tying a ribbon on the radiator ready to transport the guests to a wedding in fact!

I was impressed how tidy the walkways were - you walk within a few feet of buses with much of the body removed, or lorries with engine and axles missing, yet there is none of the clutter and debris which you associate with such a major operation on view. Many of the vehicles are privately owned but owners are obviously very careful to tidy up after work, so there is no chance of visitors tripping over items.

You don't see many preserved mobile cranes - there are good reasons for this, they are slow, thirsty and somewhat challenging to drive, but the SYTM has one - it is a 1942 Thorneycroft Amazon, which has been the subject of a 15-year restoration, from a wreck with a tree growing through it!  Owner Douglas Miller showed me the tremendous amount of work he has done on it, and said that it would be out on the road later this year.  You would think that after a project such as the Amazon, Douglas would be taking a rest, but no, his next project was waiting close by - a 1948 Scammel tractor unit and trailer, almost untouched since being sold off by BRS in the early sixties, and lying unused in Sid Harrison's yard in Sheffield until Douglas bought it about five years ago.

A fascinating evening enjoyed I'm sure by all.  Our thanks to Terry and Hazel Ellin and Douglas Miller for opening up the museum especially for us and providing the tea and biscuits and showing us around.
The museum is open to the public on the second Sunday of every month throughout the year.

Chris Sant.





Once a year, Huddersfield-based John Murphy entertains us with an evening of his road transport films, but just for a change this year he featured slides, all taken by a teenage John back in the eighties, before he had moved on to a video camera.

Even in his teenage years John was not one for taking pictures of the gleaming restorations seen at rallies, but of working-lorries and buses, dustbin lorries and gulley emptiers and vehicles in seen in scrapyards!

Many of the images were taken through a car window; John explained that these were taken while he was a passenger in his parents car often on the way to or from a family holiday.

As well as a talent for spotting the more interesting and perhaps less glamorous type of vehicle, John has a good memory for the location of the picture and the circumstances and a great ability to tell the tale, much to the amusement of the audience.

A packed meeting-room and enthusiastic contribution from all present, were testament to the popularity of Mr Murphy, his photography and recollections.


Chris Sant.




For our January meetings we always endeavour to book a guest speaker who does not have too far to travel; bearing in mind that in the depths of winter up here in the North, should the snow fall, the roads late at night can be difficult.
No such problem this year though, dry and fairly mild by Yorkshire standards, but the local guest speaker had been arranged, just in case.

Guest speakers cannot be much more local than our own Peter Seaword who lives just the other side of Leeds and was a founder member of the Yorkshire Area and has supported the Area in many committee roles and guest-speaker roles ever since.  Peter has entertained us with his well-researched and very well-illustrated talks on vehicle manufacturers and transport companies over the years but this time, the subject was the H.S. Transport collection plus Peter's early days in the road transport business.

The H.S.Transport collection has been a lifetime's work by Peter and brother-in- law John Hanson and consists of thousands of photos, documents and vehicles; not only commercials but also motorcycles, cars, vans, lorries and buses, many of which are still owned to this day.  I have known Peter for many years but I had no idea quite how vast the collection was.

Road transport has not only been Peter's hobby but also his career; he has held most jobs there are to hold in road transport, both in management and driving, indeed once winning the Lorry Driver of the Year award.
Early employment with local firms such as Lund of Otley and Kenneth Wilson Bulk Grain Haulage was covered in his talk; with a vast selection of his own photographs of the vehicles at the time - being an enthusiast as well as a driver meant that almost everything was photographed which led to much discussion and recollections from the assembled members, who also have many memories of these firms.

I will admit to having a rather strange sense of humour, but I was amused by one of Peter's images of a rather battered-looking 30 cwt Commer van, which looked rather out of place in Lund's fleet of concrete mixers, heavy haulers etc, particularly as Peter described it as "the piano van". Supplying pianos seemed rather at odds with Lund's usual line of business and when pressed on this, Peter explained that it was used for disposing of pianos rather than supplying them. In the nineteen fifties, almost every house in Leeds had  a piano, and as they were no longer fashionable, a good Saturday morning business had developed, whereby the Commer would make a tour of various pre-arranged addresses and for a small fee, take away pianos and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly fashion!  An aspect of road haulage seldom touched upon nowadays.

Peter can tell a good story and by the usual finishing time showed no sign of stopping; despite my gentle reminders of the time, proceedings were finally halted by the barman ringing a very loud bell.
A great evenings entertainment, enjoyed by all, our thanks to Peter for compiling it all, and telling the tales.



Chris Sant.






A new venture for the Yorkshire Area this year, a Christmas Pie-and-Pea Supper and quiz, jointly with another vintage club.

The Leeds and District Traction Engine Club also hold their monthly meetings in the Spinning Wheel Club and they invited us this year to join them for a Christmas supper.

A little reorganisation was needed, as the Traction Engine Club hold their meetings on the evening before ours, so we moved our meeting evening forward a day and moved our quiz night from November to December so that a joint quiz could be held.  We were also joined on the evening by a small group from the Middleton Railway Society; they had also prepared a quiz! So with 3 quizzes and a pie-and-pea supper, it had the makings of a good evening.

Our Chairman John Woods compiled our quiz and in the spirit of fairness, made a great effort not to include too many commercial vehicle questions, so much so, that our quiz was won by a team from the Traction Engine Club and not by one of the two HCVS teams!

The Traction Engine Club likewise made an effort not have too much steam in their questions and apart from one or two about traction-engine valve gear, (to which strangely enough, neither of their teams seemed to know the answer), their questions were mainly about the TV series 'Dad's Army', which was very sporting of them and gave all an equal chance.

My thanks to our Chairman John, for once again compiling the quiz and buying the prizes and also to Derek Rayner and Richard Dobson from Leeds and District Traction Engine Club, for arranging the whole thing, we will have to do it again next Christmas !


Chris Sant.





Another successful year for the Area; we have a regular attendance of 20 to 25 people and all seem happy with our new meeting venue, the Spinning Wheel.

We have had eight indoor meetings, with a mixture of speakers, three guests and the remainder from our own members; my thanks to them for their contribution.

The June Bring-Your-Vehicle evening was held at a new venue, Squires Cafe at Sherburn in Elmet, in conjunction with York Historic Vehicle Group.  Around 200 cars, 50 motorcycles and 20 commercials were on show.
The June 2019 evening will once again be held at Squires Cafe.

The 50th Trans-Pennine Run, held on the first Sunday in August, was a great success with good weather and around 200 vehicles in attendance, with no accidents or mishaps.
There is some doubt as to whether we can have the use of Harrogate Stray for the 51st run in 2019 but should it not be available, we have arranged to use Harrogate Yorkshire Showground.

Our October Bring-Your-Vehicle day was held at a new venue, the Docklands Diner in Goole, East Yorkshire, with help from Graham Reed of Reed Transport in Goole. Again a very successful day with an excellent turnout and the cafe owner is keen to host the event again in 2019.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all those who have supported the area over the past year and hope you will continue to do so in 2019.


Chris Sant (Yorkshire Area Secretary).






As our regular meeting attendees will probably be aware by now, one of my favourite subjects is fairground transport, I have long admired the ability of showmen to adapt vehicles to transport their rides and to then keep them running long after similar vehicles have disappeared from commercial road haulage use. Many of the lorries we see at our rallies today are there because showmen kept them running until they were old enough to be of interest to ourselves.

The guest spot for October was taken by our own Chris Rawnsley who is a mine of information on show-land rides, vehicles and families and the proud owner of a vast collection of images of the fairground dating from the days of steam road- locomotives, right up to the present day.

This ability to adapt a vehicle for differing loads or rides was well illustrated by Chris who had grouped together several images of the same vehicle but with a different body, maybe a differing number of axles and sometimes a different cab; the appearance in some cases being so much altered that I had to admire how he knew which vehicle it was.

The conversion of former road haulage vehicles for differing loads is now unfortunately becoming a thing of the past as the old wooden build-up rides have largely disappeared from the modern fairgrounds to be replaced by purpose built rides with integral transporters and three-phase power units which can be erected by one or two men aided by electrics and hydraulics, saving hours of time and a small army of casual labourers.

Our thanks to Chris for our evening trip through fairgrounds of the past, and for the hours of research which had obviously gone into the presentation.



Chris Sant.