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Sprat & Winkle Route Notes


Approximate Timings




The date for the Sprat and Winkle run shown in the



Brighton Programme is incorrect.


The correct date is 20th October 2019












Trans - Pennine Pictures in our Gallery



By courtesy of Roy Dodsworth







Important Press Release Re Lorry Testing










The First Commercial Vehicle Club Formed in 1958

Historic Commercial Vehicle

The society represents the movement as a whole regarding historic commercial vehicles of all types whether their owners are members or not when it comes to legislation.

Members of the HCVS will be kept in touch with any developments affecting their hobby, both internally and externally, through the Historic Commercial News which will continue to be published 8 times a year.

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Buy HCVS Merchandise including clothing and stickers etc all featuring the Distinctive HCVS logo. Available from our stand at events and by mail order.

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Discounts from suppliers exclusive to members.

What does the Society have to offer?

Probably the best known of our activities are the annual LONDON to BRIGHTON RUN held on the second Sunday in May, the TYNE-TEES RUN in early June and The TRANS PENNINE RUN from Manchester to Harrogate on the first Sunday in August, along with several other runs. All are open to buses and commercial vehicles over 20 years old’.

Regional Meetings

Monthly meetings are held in various regional centres where members are able to get to know each other and enjoy a wide variety of speakers, see film and dvd shows or take part in outdoor visits to places of historic transport interest’. You will be assured of a warm welcome at one of our Area Groups.


The society is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHCV) and works closely with that organisation to keep abreast of any legislation from Britain or the EU which might affect our use of Historic Vehicles.


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  • Your Society Needs You!
    We are looking for someone "In House" with Marketing and Publicity skills who is willing to assist the Trustees in promoting the Society.If you have a flair for this type of work and would like to help your society, please contact the Secretary on 01332 872467 or e mail info@hcvs.co.uk

    Vehicles of Historic Interest (VHI) DVLA Substantial Change Guidance HERE Declaring a vehicle as a VHI MORE

  • Press release from FBHVC re Londons ULEZ HERE
  • HCVC, Australian counterpart of the HCVS
    Read their latest News letter HERE
  • Events


    • Tyne - Tees Run 2019
      The 2019 Tyne - Tees Run takes place on Sunday June 2nd 2019
    • The Ridgeway Run 2019
      The 2019 Ridgeway Run takes place on Sunday 16th June 2019
    • The Haverhill Rally
      The 2019 Haverhill Rally takes place on Sunday 14th July 2019
    • Trans - Pennine Run 2019
      The 2019 Trans - Pennine Run takes place on Sunday 4th August 2019
    • Sprat & Winkle Run 2019

      The 2019 Sprat & Winkle Run takes place on Sunday 20th October 2019